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About the NorthBay Volleyball Officials Association
Introduction Welcome Volleyball officiating for the North Bay Volleyball Officials Association (NBVOA).

This information is presented by the NBVOA and contains NBVOA policies, Federation rule changes, mechanics, and other useful information for officials.  The content is based upon information obtained from NBVA board members, coaches and other related sources.

Hope you have a good season, and remember, EVERY match is important to the players and coaches, so work hard for them!

Mission Statement
NBVOA exists to provide quality and professional volleyball officials to high schools to ensure volleyball matches are played fairly in accordance with the intent and purpose of the rules.
Discrimination Policy
NBVOA is an Equal Opportunity Association that accepts officials without discrimination as to race, color, creed, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.  However, volleyball officials must demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the application of the rules and must be physically and mentally capable to officiate assigned match.
Coordinator of Officials The Coordinator of Officials is Gary Frieders and he can be reached at (707) 975-1141, email nbvoa@sonic.net .

In the event that Gary is not at his number please leave your name and a number where you can be reached and he will return your call as soon as possible.


Officials will receive a preliminary schedule via online starting early August on a week by week basis.

Make a copy of your schedule and keep it in your car.  Check your schedule every Sunday evening for the upcoming week and call your partners.

Assignment Priorities

Assignment priorities will be based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Ability;
  • Experience;
  • Evaluation;
  • Availability;
  • and
  • Tenure in NBVA.
Your Association dues are $50.00 for the season due by June 1st. Dues after June 1st are $75.
Your dues pay for rulebooks, casebooks, NBVA handbooks and other operating expenses.
Agreement to Accept Matches
If you accept a match, work the match!  If you must turnback match(es) contact Gary Frieders.

+Never, under any circumstances, switch a match you have accepted without first contacting Gary.

Contacting Partners

At least one day prior to your assigned game you are required to contact your partner to make sure:

  • You are going to the right place.
  • Start Time of the first match.
  • Which shirt color both officials will be wearing with white being the default color.

You should plan to arrive at least 35 minutes prior to game time and conduct a pre-game conference.

+If no phone contact is made at least the night prior to the match, both officials will be subject to a $5.00 fine.

Match Arrival Time

All officials must be at their assigned location at least 35 minutes before match time or you will be considered late.

If you cannot arrive 35 minutes before match time call your partner and advise him/her so he/she doesn’t worry and can get pre-match items ready.

Game Management
Upon arrival ask the home coach who the administrative representative is and introduce yourself to him/her.

+ If crowd control issues surface, send the teams to their benches and let the representative take charge of the situation.  If at any time you feel your officiating crew or the participants are in jeopardy, suspend the match and ask for an escort to your car(s).  Call Gary Frieders at (707) 975-1141 immediately.

Fees & Fines

A $5 fee will be assessed for a cancellation any time prior to 24 hours before game time.

A $10 fee will be assessed for a cancellation within 24 hours of game time.

A $5 fine will be assessed if officials do not make phone contact at least the night prior to the match.

A fine of the total match fee will be assessed for a no-show. 

50% of this fine will be paid to the official who works the match(es) alone.  If there was no phone contact at least the night before the match, the official working alone will only receive the match fee.

Fines will be assessed for showing up late, being out of uniform, and for conduct unbecoming an official.  The amount of these fines will depend on the frequency and severity of the violation.

All the above fees and fines will be assessed automatically and deducted from your paycheck.

+You have the right to appeal all fines, either by writing your appeal to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee at the Association’s address or presenting your appeal in person in front of the Appeals Committee.

Match Fees
Available on the NBVOA Officials Web Site.
Getting Paid

You will be paid every two to three weeks directly from the association.  It will include matches from Monday thru the second or third Saturday.  Direct Deposit is available or checks will be mailed on Monday.

See the scheduled paydays noted on the officials pay sheet in the NBVOA Officials web site..

A list of matches will be an itemized accounting of your work in the pay period.  Please check this accounting against your records for possible errors.

+As required by law, Form #1099 will be submitted for all officials earning $600.00 or more during the calendar year.

Required Uniform

NBVOA takes a professional approach to officiating.  The way an official looks is the first thing coaches, players, and fans observe when you enter the gym.

Get a proper fitting uniform and keep it pressed and cleaned.

Look Professional — Look the Part!

The proper uniform is:

  • White shoes and white socks,
  • Navy blue pants (no Levi's),
  • White, Cyan or Grey polo shirt with pocket,
  • Black or White whistle with black or white lanyard,
  • Red & yellow cards,

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