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LIBERO MADE EASY (Hopefully): (updated for 2008 season)

The Libero is a player who only plays in a back-row position.  The principle of the “Libero” is to be a skilled defensive player that can receive hard driven spikes and pass the ball to the setter.  The Libero is rarely the “setter”.

Libero MUST:


1. Be designated at the beginning of each game.  May be a different player in each game.  If not designated the team can NOT use a libero.


2. Have her number recorded on the line-up sheet.


3. Wear a different color shirt in contrast to her teammates’ shirts.  May NOT wear a “penny".


4. Not be counted as a substitute when she enters or leaves the game.


5. Enter the court between the attack line and the endline.


6. Replace any player in a back-row position.


7. Stay in the game for one rally before she can be replaced.


8. Be replaced only by the player whom she replaced.  She must sit out one rally before re-entering.  Exception: Unless the libero is replacing the player in the right back position to serve the next rally.


9.  Have unlimited entries into the game.


10. Enter the game during a dead ball or after the initial line-up check.


Libero MAY:


1. Serve for ONE position in the serve order.  This does not have to be designated prior to start of the game.


2. If a team is out of players due to injury, the libero will be used as an “exceptional” substitution to fill the vacant spot and normal serve order will take place.  The injured player may not return to that game, but may play in succeeding games.



Libero MAY NOT:


1. Block or attempt to block.


2. Be replaced during a time-out.  When time-out is finished, use normal replacement procedures.


3. Complete an attack hit from anywhere on or off the court if, at the moment of contract, the ball is entirely above the top of the net.


4. Set the ball with an overhead finger pass while in the front zone to a teammate who attacks the ball while the ball is entirely above the top of the net.



1. If using a Libero an assistant scorekeeper (Libero tracker) must be at the score table.  Provided by the home team.


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